Laura Bush

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Monica Crowley Edition

What wingnuts find so utterly galling is that -- not only are the Obamas back in the White House for another four years -- <a href="">they're immensely popular people</a>. Which is why, much to wingers like Monica's chagrin, they tend to be invited to "national events."

Laura Bush Calls Kagan Nomination 'Great'

Laura Bush seems to be a woman first and a Republican second. In an interview that aired Sunday, The former first lady told Fox News' Chris Wallace th

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Amos Lee-Soul Suckers Did you believe them When they told you they discovered you And that everything is free as long as you do what they tell yo

Mike's Blog Round Up

43 Ideas-Per-Minute: Hacking Hypocrisy Geekosystem: Facebook's Privacy Policy is longer than the US Constitution. Sparkle Pony: Laura Bush jumps o