Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, & The Fifty Shades Of Rape

This is your moment of clarity #165: Todd Akin told us the other day that not all rape is legitimate. Luckily VP candidate Paul Ryan seems to agree with him - at least enough to cosponsor a bill in which they carefully change the wording

Poll: McCaskill Leads 48 Percent To Akin's 38 Percent

What a difference one TV interview can make! Embattled Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill has now jumped to a 10-point lead over her Republican challenger, Congressman Todd Akin, in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. Most Missouri

It's Back To The Back Alley With Romney & Ryan's GOP

Only decades ago women suffered through horrifying back alley abortions, or they used dangerous methods when they had no other recourse. So when the Republican Party officially promotes forcing rape victims to bear the children of their

Akin Defiant, Tweets For Donations

It seems Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) is continuing his candidacy for senate as planned, amid growing calls for him to step down from the race due to comments he made that pregnancy is rare in cases of "legitimate rape" because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." By the first deadline for him to drop out, on Tuesday night, Akin was still in the race, despite a call from GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to resign.

Nice Try, Gutless Little Twerp

Missouri Republican Todd Akin released a new ad Tuesday where he asked voters to forgive him. "The fact is, rape can lead to pregnancy ... I am asking for your forgiveness," Akin says in the ad, where he speaks directly to the camera...