Public Backlash Against The Lion-Killing 'Hardcore Huntress'

Public Backlash Against The Lion-Killing 'Hardcore Huntress'

When American TV presenter, Melissa Bachman posted a photo of herself grinning over the body of a huge male lion she’d shot on safari in the northern Limpopo province of South Africa at a so-called Maroi “conservancy” (actually a legalized canned hunting reserve which even advertises all the animals you’re allowed to kill on their land, including rare giraffes and zebras), she ignited a social media firestorm.

Fox News: 'The Polar Bears Are Doing Just Fine'

The folks at Fox News say that a written by a fire fighter in a Canadian town known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World" is proof that "the polar bears are doing just fine." However, years of extensive research by scientists shows that many areas populated by polar bears are in decline...

Manatees Under Threat From Peruvian Hunters

Biologists say manatees in Peru's Amazon rainforest are in danger of extinction. A wildlife organization is trying to save the animals, but one of the biggest threats to their existence is a part of Peruvian culture. Even though