Curt Weldon

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TBogg: "Real men vote for McCain?" You mean lying, jive-ass, sissy-ass chickenhawk cheerleaders who dress up in flight suits to play Air Force, but se

Mike's Blog Roundup

Beggars Can Be Choosers: Americans support Bush's impeachment more than they ever supported Clinton's. American Street: At least 14 GOP members of co

Curt Weldon: No Low Too Low

American Prospect: E-mails recently forwarded to the Justice Department by a government watchdog group describe alleged efforts by staff of Congressm

Crazy Curt's Emails Of Retaliation

CREW: E-mails received by CREW have prompted us to ask the Department of Justice to investigate whether Congressman Curt Weldon (R-PA) violated the l

Crazy Curt And The FBI

Another Republican in trouble with the law. How shocking! The Justice Department is investigating whether Republican Rep. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Mahablog: More than 200 special arrangements, protections or exemptions have been made for religious groups or their adherents since 1989. Gahzet