Russert Channels Hannity

Why is Russert asking this question to Obama at all? It's clearly an RNC talking point that the Sean Hannity's of the media thrive on to deflect any

Kellyanne Conway; Dems" Equal" Osama

The new right wing talking points begin. Conway who was involved with the smearing of President Clinton, so she knows how this is done started Scarbo

Hitchens And The War On Christmas

Hitchens and the War on Christmas On Scarborough Country, there was the new fade that will likely be a staple segment every year on 24/7 during the h

Brent Bozell: Chicken

Brent Bozell: Chicken Isn't it interesting when a loud mouth has to debate someone with intelligence. Bozell showed his true colors when he found ou

Big Oil Lies

Big Oil Lies Scarborough did a report on Big Oil and their lies-lies-lies. Some great clips from the hearing with Sen. Lautenberg-asking them directl