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Santorum: Prenatal Testing Is To 'Encourage Abortions'

Speaking as a woman, I would appreciate it *right now* if the GOP candidates would kindly get out of my uterus, thankyouverymuch. Despite anything that crazy Michele Bachmann says, there is nothing remotely pro-woman about the increasingly more

John McCain: Iraq Is "Unraveling"

More proof that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail: Arizona Senator John McCain on Sunday warned that the situation in Iraq is "unraveling" due to recent U.S. foreign policy actions there - and that a "very chaotic

Bob Schieffer Addresses Those Evasive Politicians

Last weekend, Bob Schieffer plays the the now classic "journalist" defense on non-answers from politicians. It's all the consultants' fault, doncha know? In this age of sophisticated information management and consultant-driven politics where

Newt Gingrich: I'm Debt-Free And Frugal! No, Really!

(h/t David at VideoCafe) I love Newt Gingrich's campaign strategy of demanding that the media only hold him accountable for how great he is *right now*. Ignore all those ethical issues in his past tenure as Speaker of the House, he's *now* the