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Words To Live By

I could not finish this article without crying. The number 3000 is far too staggering to consider when you put it into perspective of each one being a

The Nation Gets It Right On Pelosi

People run for various position all the time after an election. For some reason, the media is spinning it that Pelosi has weakened herself because she

The Alito Autopsy

The Alito autopsy The Alito debacle was one of the most depressing and frustrating events to have to witness. Although one would love to move on and

Memo To Bill O'Reilly: Please Retire

Memo to Bill O'Reilly: Please Retire Now! As I said in a post last night, Bill attacked Media Matters and CAP in as dishonest a way as he could think

More Power Line Tomfoolery

More Power Line Tomfoolery We as people have our own outlooks and takes on things. What I do is present the information, put forth my opinion and mo