John Cole has the latest Michelle Malkin smear. I knew that once Cindy started this vigil, the most extremely vile right wingers would do their thing. Many people on the left, center, and right ( Gandleman has a good round-up) have their feelings about Cindy and have voiced their opinions. Cole and I differ on several issues and he can defend what he says. But this crap that Malkin writes is the lowest form of "smeardom" I've seen. Cole says:

"But this kind of bile coming from Michelle Malkin is fucking out of line, and spare me the ‘like it or not, this is news’ crap. It is goddamned disgraceful. Knock it off, take down that post, and then apologize. Cindy Sheehan’s marital status, her relationship with her husband- none of that is your damned business. Even if you think it ‘proves’ a point. If it proves anything, it proves that losing a son in war fucks up families. Thanks for the deep insight."

Michelle is a disgrace on the highest level. That's right Michelle "war is hell" and it destroys entire families. I wonder if you know anything about the rate of alcoholism, divorce, suicide, or family abuse that occurred to our Vietnam Vets after they returned home from war? Just out of curiosity, does anyone remember Malkin's stance on the NYT doing a background check on Judge John Robert's adoption records? I do.

Wasn't she appalled that John Kerry mentioned Mary Cheney's daughter during the campaign. Malkin: John Kerry stooped to the lowest of the low with the shameless, invasive line that will be played over and over again on the news in the next 24 hours...read on

Michelle, you now have stooped to the lowest low with your shameless invasive post on Cindy's imminent divorce. How do you find the courage to look in the mirror?


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