Extreme Right Winger Blames Predatorgate On Clenis

Hannity-Foley.jpg When in doubt just blame Bill Clinton. That's Hannity's take on Predatorgate. However, Old33 catches him in a most basic lie,

he said that Monica Lewinsky was 19 years old - "she was a teenager" - when Bill Clinton began his affair with Lewinsky. Umm....Sean...Monica was born on Jul 23, 1973. According to the Starr Report, she first met Bill Clinton on November 15, 1995. That would make her 22 years old at the time. A college graduate. An adult. Hardly the same situation as a Congressman soliciting minors...

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See, a quick trip to Wikipedia is all it took to expose Hannity's lie, but it doesn't matter to him. He throws as much garbage on the wall as he can and then watches what will stick. By the way, O'Reilly said only the far right element brought up Clinton as an analogy to Foley's situation--so Ole Bill slapped Hannity in the face.


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