Spocko Vs. The Big Rat

Mike had this as part of his Blog Round Up a couple of days ago, but C&Ler Nate of GITF sent in this tip. As bloggers, it's worth repeating. TRex at FDL sums up the story nicely:

Where to begin? First we'll go to A. J. Kandy, who blogs at King Marketing:

ABC/Disney operates a US-wide network of radio stations and affiliates. One of these affiliates, San Francisco's KSFO, is a die-hard right-wing talk shop whose rabidly eliminationist hosts have publicly endorsed (if not outright revelled in) torture and engaged in hate speech of all stripes. However, the station is sold to its advertisers as a "Disney" station, with all the connotations of family-friendliness that entails.

Self-described "fifth-tier blogger" Spocko decided to "out" KSFO to its national advertisers with a polite letter-writing campaign, and by exposing their hate speech on his blog with short audio clips and transcripts (which falls under the Fair Use statutes.)

This, of course, is what we call citizen action, and most of us know the drill by now. We write to advertisers and once in a blue moon, they write us back, pat us on the head and tell us that they'll take our suggestion under advisement, then go on their merry way without changing a thing. This was not the case, however, with Spocko. From a guest post at BlogIntegrity, Spocko himself can tell us what happened next... Read on...


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