FOX & Friends Calls Ted Kennedy A "Hostile Enemy"

This is pretty sickening. FOX has no shame and sooner or later Democratic leaders should take a stand against them if they don't stop it. I know that would result in a new set of "Democratic strategists" showing up to take their place, because anybody can be a "strategist" it seems. Ever wonder why they (including many other shows) never tell you anything more about the person other than...Welcome to blah, blah, blah....a Democratic/Republican Strategist.


Fox News' Gretchen Carlson equated Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-MA., with insurgents killing American soldiers in Iraq during a segment Wednesday (January 10, 2007) on Fox and Friends. In her interview with White House Counselor Dan Bartlett regarding George Bush's upcoming speech on sending more troops to Iraq, Carlson also managed to call Iraq an enemy of the U.S.

Seguing to Kennedy's speech to the National Press Club, Carlson said, "You talk about the hostile enemy, obviously being Iraq, but hostile enemies right here on the home front. Yesterday Senator Ted Kennedy, proposing that any kind of a troop surge should mean that there should be congressional approval of that...."Bartlett responded that the administration considered Kennedy a long-time critic of the war, but not a hostile enemy.


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