Open Thread

We got to figure out a way to get these open threads on before Countdown, I wrote this up this morning and he's already scooped me. Great minds, Keith...

C&Ler ysbaddaden emailed us to let us know he just couldn't bring himself to watch the season premiere of "24" this weekend.

th-601jayne.jpgI've never watched the TV show 24, and turned it on Sunday night to see what the fuss was. It opened with a terrorist attack being covered by FOX news with their logo as prominent as their "news" cast.

I immediately lost interest and changed channels. Was I the only one annoyed by that?

I don't know about that (although like him, I did notice the conspicuous product placement of Fox News), but AlterNet wonders if "24" isn't both playing up the fear mongering and inuring us to the government torturing.

UPDATE: My buddy, Silent Patriot thinks this clip may show that AlterNet has a point.


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