No End In Sight

The one thing that frustrates me about the mainstream media allowing the administration and their flunkies to continue to obsfuscate the situation in Iraq is that the truth is out there. This article in Yahoo about yet another documentary entitled No End in Sight on the clusterf#@k that is Iraq intrigued me.

Salon suggests that you take your remaining Bush supporter family members to see this documentary, making major waves at Sundance:

...(T)his piercing and unbiased account of all the stupidity, venality and small-mindedness that created our nation's latest foreign policy disaster combines hardheaded journalism and a tragic sensibility.

This is no left-wing screed; Ferguson himself says he was initially optimistic about America's foray into Iraq. His interviewees include former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, retired Gen. Jay Garner (the first coalition governor of Iraq) and the principal author of the 2004 National Intelligence Estimate, which tried to warn the Bush administration about the bottomless, nightmarish money pit that lay ahead. That was the document described by George W. Bush as "guesswork," even though (its authors say) the president had not read it or even seen it.

Ferguson synthesizes existing footage and his own interviews and original research -- he spent several weeks in Iraq, working under armed guard -- to create a portrait of an ideologically driven administration that conducted a war with disastrous incompetence, in which every bad decision was followed by another one.


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