Tucker Carlson: Arbiter Of Religious Tolerance

Lindsay at Majikthise picked up this nice little bit of hypocritical hackery (from a conservative? Gasp!) from the BowTie Boy:

Right wing TV host Tucker Carlson claims that presumptive presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama(D-IL) isn't a real Christian because he goes to a Black church.

Obama belongs to the "Unashamedly black and Unapologetically Christian" Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois.

And what, might you ask, is so un-Christian about Trinity United Church of Christ? Tucker is tut-tuting because Trinity United espouses a 12-point Black Value System.

[..]Just try to reconcile Carlson's attitude towards Obama's religion with his crocodile tears for religious tolerance in this interview with Catholic League president Bill Donohue (who calls the Edwards bloggers anti-Catholic brats).

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