Bush Nominates Swift Boat Veterans Donor To Ambassadorship

fox.jpg Slated for discussion today with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is the nomination of Sam Fox to the Ambassador post for Belgium.

Who is Sam Fox? Well, according to WhiteHouseForSale.org, Sam Fox is a Bush Ranger, responsible for millions of dollars of donations to both the Bush/Cheney campaigns and the Republican Party. He's also a charter member of the Libby Defense Fund. In other words, this guy is neck deep in the Bush/Cheney circles.

But Bob Geiger points out that some of Fox's support really can only be categorized as unsavory:

(W)hat's especially interesting is that if you really look under the hood of where this guy's political heart is at, you find that in late 2004 he gave $50,000 to no less solid citizens than the Swift Boat Liars who made it their mission to discredit a highly-decorated Vietnam Veteran in John Kerry.

Now if that won't buy you an ambassador's post from George W. Bush, nothing will.

Here's the entry from PoliticalMoneyLine.Com:


And he made this donation after the Swift Boaters had been entirely discredited.

What should make this hearing even more profound today is that sitting on the panel questioning Fox, will be Senator Jim Webb -- who is a Vietnam Veteran -- and one.... John F. Kerry.

I hope that Kerry's learned his lesson about not responding...

UPDATE: Kerry DID learn. Whether it has an effect remains to be seen.


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