Watch Out, Rove! Leahy Promises Subpoenas

tsr-leahy-rove.jpg In an interview on The Situation Room today, Chariman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Pat Leahy vowed to get to the bottom of the White House/DoJ's prosecutor purge and told Wolfie that Karl Rove can expect a subpoena if he refuses to come willingly.

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"I want them in public. I want both Democrats and Republicans able to ask them questions. But those answers will be under oath or they won't be acceptable to me."

Rhetorical question of the day: You think Arlen Specter would have gone after the truth like this? Considering he refused to put Gonzo under oath during the NSA hearings, the answer should be obvious.

UPDATE: Senator John Sununu has become the first Republican to call for Gonzales' resignation. Will this open the flood gates? He does just so happen to be up for re-election in 2008, too.


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