John Oliver Jokes Around With Israeli Ambassador Gillerman

tds-oliver-israel.jpg In the first installment of "Oliver's Travels," Daily Show Senior Israeli Correspondent John Oliver offers a brief history of the state of Israel and pitches his "Pimpin' Is Easy" screenplay to Ambassador Dan Gillerman.

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Oliver: Nuclear weapons. Would Israel ever consider using its nuclear weapons on Iran?

Gillerman: Israel has never said that it has nuclear weapons.

Oliver: So, it's a tricky area then... So let's say that hypothetically: I've got a friend. He's an ambassador to a country called Fisrael, and he's having a bit of trouble with an enemy in Irun. Should he use his nuclear weapons against Irun?

Gillerman: Israel has never said that it has nuclear weapons...

Oliver: No, no, Fis-, Fisrael, Fis-, Fisrael... Does Fisrael have nuclear weapons...?

Gillerman: Well I think you'll have to ask the Fisraeli ambassador.


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