Blue Gal's Blog Round Up

Make Them Accountable:  From the liberal perspective, there is an extended litany of priorities more important than women's rights. And for conservatives, every priority is more important.

Fix the Pumps:  Bombshell coverage:  The Army Corps of Engineers still sees problems with NOLA's drainage pumps.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo:  advice for contributing to Democratic candidates (and check Skippy's sidebar for a poll on more and better songs for Hillary's campaign).

Ice Station Tango:  Colin Powell went on Meet the Press, and SURPRISE--the press wasn't there. He met Tim Russert instead. That happens to everyone who goes on that show.

Tom Dispatch:  How permanent are those Iraqi bases?  Iraq has always been "South Korea" for Bushco.  (h/t The Whole American Hog)

Guest round-up by Blue Gal.  Bluegalsblog AT gmail DOT com.


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