Sherrod Brown's Mea Culpa On MCA

sherrodbrown1.jpg Admitting you've made a mistake is not something we hear from elected officials often. But Sherrod Brown did just that...

Bob Geiger: Audience Member: "In 2006, when you were still a member of the House of Representatives you voted for the Military Commissions Act, which had as one of its elements, the suspension of Habeas Corpus. Given your recent efforts to restore Habeas Corpus, would you still cast that same vote today."

Brown: "No, I was wrong."


Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

Apparently it is for others...but for Brown, once was not enough, because he did it again in an interview with The Young Turks too. Howie has more:

Notice Senator Brown does a thing only Democrats do and that Republicans never do. He admitted he had done wrong and he took responsibility for what he did. He didn't blame everyone else. It's been 9 months. I'll look forward to him making good on the promise he made to Cenk-- and to America-- today. (And, by the way, so far he's had a spectacular voting record in the Senate, even better than Bernie Sanders'!)

You can urge Sherrod Brown to support Sen. Dodd's legislation to pass the RCA. Dodd has the info here.


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