O'Hanlon Weeps

Ret. Col, Jack Jacobs and Tucker think the US soldiers were just not qualified to make these assertions about the Iraq war.(h/t Diane)

I was waiting for some pundits to come after the troops that wrote this scathing op-ed in the NY Times (corrected link) on their take of the "surge" in Iraq which severly questions its effectiveness. O'Hanlon was on the The Diane Rehm Show this morning to say that the troops didn't really understand the situation.Think Progress has some of the audio and more info...Michael should check out the data from his own think tank which states that it's been rather bloody in Iraq this summer.(page 18)

June-July-August 2003: 113 Americans killed

June-July-August 2004: 162 Americans killed

June-July-August 2005: 217 Americans killed

June-July-August 2006: 169 Americans killed

June-July-August 2007: 229 Americans killed (August not over yet)

Update: Paul Rieckoff on Military.com: "Trust Airborne or Brookings Institute?"


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