The Shock Doctrine

Naomi Klein has written a must-read book, The Shock Doctrine, and teamed with Children of Man's director Alfonso Cuarón to make a film on the state of shock that has subjected us to accept disaster capitalism.

Cliff Schecter:

This film and book discuss the CIA's experimentation with using electric shock to break people down. Yet, the more important point of these works is that a broader "shock" to the systems of a people as a whole, like say 9/11, can have the kind of impact the CIA was searching for in their tests, one that breaks down a whole society and makes them so fearful they are open to nefarious suggestions.

I am sure none of this sound familiar, does it? This is very powerful stuff that can explain how a traumatized society may act, and may just explain to you why a certain former Mayor of New York mentions 9/11 4.75 times per sentence.  Read on...


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