The Daily Show: Condi In TheHouse Of Wax-man

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Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice experienced the one thing all Bush administration officials fear the most: accountability and oversight hearings.

Stewart: Thank God Condoleeza Rice was wearing the Bush administration's "No comment / I don't recall" amulet of unaccountability...

She inherited it from Gonzo when he left, no doubt.

Stewart: To be fair, it wasn't all 'no comment.' When Waxman asked about last Christmas Eve when a drunken Blackwater contractor shot and killed the bodyguard of the Iraqi Vice President, Rice was more forthcoming.

Rice: "....would remind us it is a war zone and that it is true that sometimes ah.. incidents happen."

Stewart: Let the record state that our distinguished guest from Foggy Bottom is on record as suggesting that ah...bleep happens.


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