Rove Re-Writes History. Again.

I truly don't think the man is capable of a single honest thought or statement. But this is so transparently dishonest that it's laughable. Who does this guy think he's fooling...other than Charlie Rose?

Think Progress:

(O)n The Charlie Rose Show, former Bush political adviser Karl Rove claimed that he was "opposed" to holding the pre-war Iraq vote just ahead of the 2002 elections. "The administration was opposed to voting on it in the fall of 2002," Rove said. He stated that his upcoming book will argue that the administration did not want to schedule an Iraq war vote prior to the 2002 elections.

You know, I don't blame Rove for floating the lie. After all, like the old proverb goes, you don't get mad at the snake for biting you because you knew what he was before you picked him up. But Jumping Jiminy, why in the hell doesn't Charlie Rose at least scoff a little bit at Rove's statement? How can any person with more than a two digit IQ and a semblance of a moral compass let the man behind the most politicized White House administration in decades get away with such a flaming pile of lies?

PERRspectives looks at another revisionist version of history involving Rove.


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