The O'Reilly Fatuity: The War On Christmas Has Morphed Into The War On Christians

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Having declared victory in his battle to save Christmas, Bill O'Reilly has decided to direct his "Culture Warrior" bravery to saving Christians. Laura Ingraham (whom, we must remember, got this gig because even Malkin couldn't stomach it any longer) is brought on to agree with Bill that the left and the media are out to get them. The trigger of this insane rant? This op-ed column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer which points out some of Mike Huckabee's more regressive statements. Funnily enough, as Newshounds points out, after blaming the left and the media for attacking Huckabee for being a Christian, O'Reilly went ahead and attacked Huckabee himself. Hypocrite much, Bill? Oh...wait, look who I'm talking about. My bad.

BOR: It's not just the Democrats against the Republicans this year, Laura. And I think you understand that.

LI: Sure.

BOR: It's the Democrats AND the media against the Republicans. And the media is its own entity. It doesn't confer with the Democrats. They're not like calling each other up. The media is made to say, "Okay how can we destroy whoever we have to destroy, where can we go, what is their vulnerability?" And right now, their vulnerability is 'make them all out to be religious nuts' and that's what they're doing.

Actually, Bill, with you as their spokesman, I don't think the left or the media has to do very much to bring out the nuttiness.


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