Iowa Predictions: Open Thread: Updated

UPDATE: It looks like Huckabee is going to win. CNN is calling it for him. Obama, Hillary and Edwards are in a virtual tie at 6:10 PST.

OK, here you go:

Obama, Edwards and Hillary.

Romney, Huckabee and McCain.

I'm not endorsing anyone---just venturing a guess. It really is very close all around on the Democratic side so your guess is as good as mine. And we know the Villagers will be wheeling and dealing all-night-long.

Lady MacCheney said on FOX that if Thompson finishes fourth he won't concede.

I just watched Matthews sneer at Hillary's appearance on Letterman---Digby saw the same thing and wonders if the caucuses are over already:

Oh, I hear McCain won New Hampshire too.

Duncan has more on Tweety: "So if Hillary gets 33 percent "she's been rejected here in Iowa by two-thirds of the Democratic Party." If McCain is rejected by 82% of caucusgoers he's a "big hero."

What say you?


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