The Real McCain

Via The Jed Report, here’s a video that was put together last February by a Ron Paul supporter. The original video, I think it goes off the rails a bit at the end, particularly where McCain is criticized for his behavior as a POW — a subject that, IMO, ought to be out of bounds in the forthcoming election — but most of it is devastating and ought to be played and replayed throughout the coming campaign, so this is a re-cut version.

There's a lot of hand-wringing and worrying over polls that show a tight election, particularly in the Electoral College numbers. However, the campaign fight hasn't even started yet. Thanks to the tight focus on the Obama-Clinton primary fight, most of the public has no idea how McCain stands on most issues. All they know is that he's a "war hero" and a "maverick."

Today, finally, the real fight for the White House can begin. Read more ...


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