The Media Loves To Read Anti-Obama Pieces On The Air

I've noticed a disturbing trend for a while now. Whenever a Conservative or MSM columnist writes an anti-Obama piece, it's immediately read to TV audiences as if it's conventional wisdom. There was the David Brooks piece on the two Obama's. Then we had a Dan Baltz column read on air that attacked both Obama and McCain, but of course only the negative Obama segment appeared. David Broder had one of his too and now of all things a WSJ op-ed that was read on Hardball yesterday. (It ran on a few shows yesterday)

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You would never make the mistake of thinking that the WSJ wouldn't have an agenda, would you? It wouldn't be so disturbing if they ever read anti-McCain position papers, but magically they never appear.

It would be even more interesting to see a negative McCain piece written by a liberal columnist read on all the TV shows for a change. Fat chance that will ever happen. And I don't mean some screed that the Villagers then would attack . MoDo usually has one of her sick pieces read almost every week.

Let's keep track of this, shall we?


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