Paula Abdul, Lisa Rinna And JOHN MCCAIN??? John McCain's Extreme Self Makeover

US Magazine:

The 72-year-old was recently made TV-ready by makeup artist Tifanie White who's worked on So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol.

McCain paid the 2002 beauty-school grad $5,583.43 for her services, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Remember how the media couldn't get enough of John Edwards' $400 haircuts, using it as proof of how effete and out of touch with the average American he was?

A cynical person would wonder if this is to hide some of the effects of both age and battles with melanoma. In fact, both Amato, Oliver Willis and Aravosis noted a distinctive droop to McCain's left eye yesterday, which puts me in mind of the BraveNewFilms campaign to get McCain to release his medical records. BNF is asking everyone to send a letter to Friday's debate moderator Jim Lehrer urging him to ask McCain about them.

Related: CNN refuses to air BraveNew PAC's ads asking for McCain's records.


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