Bill O'Reilly Wants To Militarize The Borders

Bill O'Reilly's latest John Birch conspiracy has driven him over the edge and forced him to once again call in the National Guard to "militarize" our southern borders.

As time goes by, Bill O'Reilly has become more nativistic on his immigration stance. In 2007, he supported George Bush's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, even when most of his conservative talkers and activists went ballistic on it. And most conservatives defend their far right views by saying they are doing it all to protect "the children," but in the case of children of illegal immigrants, they need not apply.

On Monday, in his Talking Points segment, he accused Fox news analyst Kirsten Powers of wanting complete open borders for the children and all 'illegals' so they'll create more voters for the Democratic party. Yes, that's his John Birch conspiracy theory. Wow, just wow.

He's fed up with it all now so he's calling for the president to enact his final solution.

O'Reilly: The answer is securing the southern border once and for all and to do that you have to militarize it by putting the National guard down there.Talking points has been saying that for nearly twenty years.

Funny, I didn't realize until now that Bill addresses himself as "talking points," did you? So "Talking points" O'Reilly wants to send the troops in to obviously use force to stop the overflow of immigrants trying to come here. That's nice.

But it's all for the children.

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