Chuck Todd: Is There Even A Victim In The IRS Scandal?

Chuck Todd managed to grasp the point we've all been trying to make for months now.

Chuck Todd actually hit the nail on the head for once with this short commentary on all the IRS folderol flying around when he asked whether there were any victims in this IRS scandal, given that there's no obligation on the part of taxpayers to give these social welfare organizations a pathway to launder money, or get a tax exemption.

To hear the tea partiers' wails, you would think someone shut off their mic and sent them all home instead of simply asking for information to justify operating at taxpayer expense. The only victims in this so-called scandal are voters, who get a lot of sound and fury without much in the way of facts.

Now if a few more in the Beltway would just pick up on this. We've only been saying this for over a year now.

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