Weekend Gallimaufry - A Niels Bohr Address - April 5, 1938


(Niels Bohr - Physics owes a lot . . .so does the Atom for that matter)

Tonights Gallimaufry features an address by Niels Bohr from Copenhagen Denmark on the occasion of the 25th anniversary (April 5, 1913) of Bohrs completion of his paper on The Bohr Theory on the Structure of the Atom.

Niels Bohr: “Of course, in a short speech, it would be quite impossible to give any detailed account of the marvelous development of atomic fission in our days. And so therefore only recall a few points, especially suited to illustrate the decisive role cooperation has played.”

The broadcast, via shortwave and Bohr's thick accent make understanding a little difficult, but the historic nature of this recording makes those problems not that big a deal.

Another small dose of history from the Archives at Newstalgia.

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