Brian Williams Claims The Media Quit Covering The BP Oil Spill Because The Public Lost Interest In The Story


On Morning Joe Thursday morning, NBC anchor Brian Williams stopped by to discuss the different stories that the media covered during 2010 and he had the temerity to blame the media’s lack of coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster once the gusher was capped in the Gulf on the public losing interest in the topic.

WILLIAMS: And in between for those of us that have a love affair the state of Louisiana, with the southern portion of the coastline in the United States, the one story I think that’s been forgotten, because it’s cognitive dissonance looking at that live camera, of that spewing oil. We as Americans certainly like to pick ourselves up and recover and move on. And you can go down there to Venice Louisiana and not see too much in the way of pick up and clean up crews.

I’m happy to read that the Chevy Volt is being made of 100,000 pounds of plastic body parts that are a product of 100 miles of oil soaked boom. That’s what happened to all that stuff. They transported it and they’re churning it up and melting it down and making plastic body parts for the Chevy Volt. […]

So something good came out of this awful year. But I don’t think, I think we’ve all moved on and forgot what it was like to wake up on this broadcast and others every morning… let’s go to the live picture and just the helplessness that we watched.

So that’s what I’m going to remember this year for because that area already meant so much to me and I might add a person here at this table, the only one who represented it in Congress.

Yeah, it’s a good thing all that oil just magically disappeared now that there’s no more ambulance for the media to chase in the form of that gusher of oil. Good grief. Somehow I doubt anyone who’s still living with the oil on their shores and the dispersants or anyone that wonders if seafood from the Gulf will ever be safe to eat again feels the same way. Hey Brian, there’s still a story to cover if you and your cohorts would get off your butts and go down there and do some follow up. The public didn’t lose interest in the story. The media just refuses to cover it now that it will actually take some investigative journalism to do so and bucking the establishment they love to suck up to.

h/t to Fran for bringing this up in their podcast this week. I'd almost forgotten I sent the tip on this to the team via email until she and Driftie brought it up there.


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