Stewart To O'Reilly: Unless Your Real Name Is 'Sitting Bill' You've Got Nothing To Complain About


After first mocking Mitt Romney and his racist farewell, blaming his election loss on President Obama wanting to give those lousy, undeserving moochers out there some "free stuff," The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took Bill O'Reilly to task for his remarks bemoaning the "end of the "white establishment" as a majority and of "traditional America."

Stewart took O'Reilly and his fellow hate monger over at Fox, Bernard Goldberg through a little history lesson of the United States and a reminder of the way Bill O'Reilly's Irish ancestors who first arrived here were treated.

STEWART: Bernie, Bill, Fox... you don't need to worry so much. What you are demonstrating is the health and vitality of America’s greatest tradition, a fevered, frightened ruling class lamenting the rise of a new ethnically and religiously diverse new class -- one that will destroy all that is virtuous and good and bring the American experiment crashing to the ground.

Except you're forgetting one thing. That is the American experiment -- an ethnic group arriving on American shores to be reviled and hated, living in squalor, or if they're lucky Squalor Heights, working hard to give their children or grandchildren the opportunity to sh*t on the next group landing on our shores.

So enough! Enough! Relax. Enough with the lamentations. Unless your real name is Sitting Bill, you've got nothing to complain about.


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