Doing False Equivalence, Luke Russert Style!

Petty is as petty does. Unless you're Luke Russert, and choose to miss the entire forest for the trees.
1 year ago by karoli

Someone talk me down, please. When I got the email from Tea Party Nation whining about the House voting down Louis Gohmert's stupid bill to bar any federal payments for President Obama's golf games, I laughed.

And then I heard Luke Russert's reflexive "both sides do it" retort that Gohmert's little hissy was as petty as the president cutting off White House tours due to the sequester, proving that Luke simply has no clue about what is happening.

Neither is a solution to this gawdawful stupid, idiotic impasse. In that regard, they're similar. But for Li'l Luke, they're exactly the same thing. Either that, I think he's echoing the Villagers' general mopiness over not being BFFs with the president anymore. Here's what he said:

It looks bad on both sides. I think it’s a pox on both their houses, which is a thing we’re never supposed to say these days, is that, you know, an easy way to get out for the media. But in this case, it’s actually really true.

No, Luke. It's actually really false. Really, really false. No one really cares if you say it. We care that you think it. This isn't about a golf game or White House tours. This is about a petty, vindictive, recalcitrant bunch of Republicans who actually celebrate the damage they're doing to the economy with this nonsense austerity drive.

There's nothing petty about that, and if you're so shallow you think it's about golf and White House tours, I suggest you find a different career.

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