Shadow-President McCain Endorses Palin, Joins Tea Party

The omnipresent non-President has spoken, and in his latest interview with ABC News, John McCain admits that the Republican Party and the Tea Party are interchangeable parts, and predicts an end to the GOP if they don't jump on the Tea Party Express.

McCain did, however, agree with his former running mate Sarah Palin's assessment that the "GOP is through" if they don't follow the Tea Party's lead.

"I think she is right to this degree, that obviously when we gain the majority, when Republicans gain majorities, they betrayed our base typically in the area of fiscal responsibility," he said.

"And what Sarah’s saying is that we’ve got to get a fiscally responsible majority in Congress of Republicans and act in a fiscally responsible manner," McCain told me.

So what does that mean for the day after the election? How can Republicans work with President Obama without betraying the Tea Party and actually get things done?

Welcome to the TeaBircher Party, where nothing of substance is said, done, and no one really wants that anyway. The only Presidential ticket John McCain will be on is one with Palin at the top of it.


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