Fox Decides Not To Produce Hillary Clinton Mini-Series After All

Interesting timing for Fox to suddenly lose interest in producing that Hillary Clinton mini-series, isn't it?

1 year ago by David

Hmmm, the timing of this announcement is mighty convenient, wouldn't you say?

An outlet of Fox Entertainment said on Friday that it would not be involved with the hotly debated Hillary Rodham Clinton mini-series on NBC, after all.

And though the decision by the Fox Television Studios production company came on the same day as a vote by the Republican National Committee to ban any presidential debates in the 2016 primary season from NBC because of the proposed movie, an executive involved in the negotiations between the Fox studio and NBC said political pressure was not a factor.

Riiiiiggghhhhtt. I believe them, don't you?

Nothing like pandering to the low info voter. Of course, Fox has built an entire business model on it.

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