Cain's Crisis (in) Management

More gross stupidity from the Cain campaign.

The Cain campaign might just be the most politically inept of any in recent history. Tonight their campaign manager informed Hannity viewers that Josh Kraushaar was both the son of Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar, and that he worked at Politico. "Can you confirm that?", Sean Hannity asked again, realizing he had a "scoop" on his hands (a scoop of exactly what is another matter), and Mark Block replied in the affirmative.

The only problems with these latest bits of fiction from the wholly fictitious campaign of Herman Cain is that (a) John Kraushaar is not related to Karen Kraushaar, and (b) He does not work for Poltico; he works for as their Executive Editor. Mark Block's exercises in conspiracy theories will undoubtedly continue as long as the media calls them a frontrunner and not the obvious trainwreck they've been all along.

Josh Kraushaar could at least draw some humor from the foolishness, tweeting:


Now, in normal circumstances someone with as checkered a past as Mark Block would never have been hired in the first place by any serious campaign, let alone a supposed presidential aspirant. But Herman Cain is a different kind of candidate, running a different kind of campaign.


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