Executive Order Traded For Bart Stupak's Vote On Healthcare Reform: UPDATED

So Stupak got his way. The White House has issued an executive order that will pay homage to the fetus-over-actual-children supporters.

As far as I can tell, all the executive order does is reinforce the language that's already in the bill. It does order HHS to set up regulations to see that funds are not co-mingled in any way that might be used to subsidize abortion - even though they weren't, anyway.

Once again, here in America, one set of religious views has been elevated over everyone else's - to the detriment of women's health. Just once, I'd love to hear a reporter ask Bart Stupak how he reconciles his getting his way with the hallowed American principle of freedom of religion.

After all, his practice of his religion requires that I'm not free to practice mine.

UPDATE: Please donate to Connie Saltonstall's campaign to kick Saint Stupak out of office.


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