Tea Party Open Thread With Susie Sampson

It's been a busy week but Miley's exploits and Syria's troubles have dominated news. Which is more important? Because America isn't sure!

Hello Crooks & Liars! I'm excited to be postin' my videos now. Here's a week-in-review for you. Miley Cyrus is makin' a new name for herself. She's provin' that she's no longer a girl, and sort of a woman? That girl loves to twerk...but I don't think she's doin' it right. Either way, it's good that America showed their outrage. It's the same outrage that America has shown over Syria, right? Wrong! They're far away so we don't need to care all that much. Oh, and remember all that really matters is that Ted Cruz gets some credit, right? What do you think? Are our priorities straight?

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