What's the GOP Senate going to do to stop immigration reform by the "lawless" President? Mike Lee (R-UT) claims their victory from the sparse turnout means the GOP has carte blanche.

November 8, 2014

Sean Hannity wants to shape the landscape of political discourse. Immigration reform is the hot button issue for the xenophobic Republican party, so it's essential to oppose President Obama in any attempt to help those living in the shadows. What can be accomplished during the lame duck months before the 114th Congress is seated? Utah Senator Mike Lee, the man more conservative than his predecessor Bob Bennett, with conservative bona fides on a par with Ted Cruz, was the guest on Friday's show.

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HANNITY: Senator, I know you signed a letter with five of your fellow senators to Harry Reid saying that, in fact, that you are going to stop all action in the Senate if the president does this. What are you going to do specifically?

SEN. MIKE LEE, R-UTAH: Well, we think it's important for us to refuse to fund the president in his attempt to violate the law. Now, he used the word "lawful" or "lawfully" no fewer than three times in the clip you just played. But if what is rumored to be in the works is, in fact, going to happen, it'll be anything other than lawful. If, in fact, what he's going to do issue an executive order, just giving out Green Cards to millions of Americans who under the law, as it's written today, is not in effect, that's not OK. That's not lawful. And we'll do everything we can to stop him, including withholding funds from his ability to carry out that project.

HANNITY: OK, but you don't have control of the Senate until January.
LEE: Correct.
HANNITY: Let's say he does this now. Does Harry Reid have the ability to stop you? Or are there parliamentary maneuvers that you can use in the Senate to prevent him from going forward with any other business? What else can you do?
LEE: ... Look, we just had a big election (40% turnout) the other day. Americans showed up across the country and they spoke their voices. They wanted to make clear that their voices were heard. And they did not vote to support the president's agenda. They did not vote to support the president's lawless approach to the Constitution.
HANNITY: ... To me, it seems that this president is defiant. He said he heard the American people, but he doesn't really seem to hear the American people. Is he bringing us to a constitutional tipping point? Liberal Democrat Jonathan Turley, George Washington University, has said that he thinks this is a tipping point, that he is pushing executive powers to the brink and bypassing the constitutional authority of Congress.
Why wouldn't Democrats want to preserve their own power?
LEE: They would, and they should. And privately, some of them have told me that they do share concerns like these with the president exercising too much power. Several of them told me that privately in the wake of the president's recess appointments at a time when the Senate was not in recess. But publicly, for whatever reason, they weren't inclined to express that. So it's -- it's a problem. But look, the good news, Sean, is that we do have the power to stop him. We have the power described by James Madison in Federalist 58, to withhold funds from the president for his ability to do this.
HANNITY: Power of the purse. Yes. All right.
LEE: Power of the purse.
HANNITY: Republicans were elected for a reason. This is one of them. This is a big test for Mitch McConnell and the Republicans. Stand strong. We'll watch closely. Senator, thank you for being with us.
LEE: Thank you, Sean.

Remember, Senator Lee was the man who, like any good Mormon with a sizable family, advocated for cheap labor to maintain a household. When he burst on the scene with the Teabag Revolution in 2010, it was easy to read this racist, far-right, Mormon opportunist.

Mike Lee is a tremendous fan of the teachings of very racist Professor Cleon Skousen and advocate of absolutely ZERO gun-control. Lee truly feels that provisions must be included in immigration reform to keep treating undocumented workers essentially like slaves. Amnesty to Lee means keeping the help as his indentured servants.

Lee's beliefs on immigration reform excludes the following professions from requiring any form of documentation:

“cooks, waiters, butlers, housekeepers, governessess, maids, valets, baby sitters, janitors, laundresses, furnace-men, care-takers, handymen, gardeners, footmen, grooms, and chauffeurs of automobiles for family use” from prohibitions against “unlawful employment” for undocumented immigrants.”

It sure sounds like a wealthy person’s list of needed cheap labor. This is a man with no respect or compassion for people who work their fingers to the bone for a pittance. He's a lot like Willard Romney in that both think they are god's chosen people who believe(d) that colored folks were/are inferior. It's only a matter of time until Hispanics and other minorities (for now) wise up and do away with people who are so bigoted against them. Boy it's going to be a rude awakening to these men in their twilight years when whites will be the minority. I can't wait.

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