September 30, 2016

Apparently this Alicia Machado stuff has really gotten deep into Donald Trump's head, at least according to Dr.Freud Chuck Todd, who atempted to play armchair psychoanalyst this morning on The Today Show. The former Miss Universe has become the focus of his anger for a presidential campaign that went off the rails again this week, with a horrible debate performance and subsequent anger at Machado's charges that Trump was hateful to her twenty years ago.

Trump's twitter storm early this morning just proves how unhappy Donald Trump is, flailing away at Machado.

Source: Raw Story

“On the day that USA Today calls him unfit for the presidency, he wakes up at 3 in the morning, and starts attacking this civilian again,” Todd said.

“This is a pattern for him,” Todd continued. “When he gets into a bad place — and he is in a bad place right now — there is clearly discord in the campaign, the campaign staff’s not happy with him, he’s not happy that they’ve leaked stories — so there’s some anger there.”

Todd expressed concern for Trump’s emotional well-being and his temperament.

“He is an unhappy man — and when he is, he lashes out,” Todd said.

Hillary Clinton gave her own diagnosis.



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