Greta Van Susteren Thinks Karl Rove Is Qualified To Weigh In On Job Creation


Fox News continues to prove that no disgraced Bush administration official goes unrewarded with interviews on topics where they have absolutely no credibility. Given the Bush administration's record on job creation, Karl Rove is the last person who has any business weighing in on why unemployment is still so high and why we still haven't gotten out of the ditch that years and years that conservative policies on economics has put us in.

Van Susteren and Rove seemed to be taking literal glee over the new unemployment numbers and how bad they're going to be for the Democrats in the mid-term elections. Too bad hacks like Greta will never remind us of just what the Bush administration left us with instead of bringing in the likes of Rove to pretend like Republicans care anything about job creation or doing anything besides using government as a way to funnel our tax dollars to their political contributors.

Joe Scarborough was going on about how wonderful the supposed job creation was under Bush the other day on Morning Joe and I when commented about it to our team at Crooks and Liars, our own Jon Perr reminded me of the Bush administration's record on job creation. What he sent me is worth reminding everyone of here given Rove's remarks to Van Susteren.

As he wrote last month, you just can't trust the GOP on the economy.

The extent of the failure by Jeb's brother was particularly glaring when it came to employment and job creation. The dismal 3 million jobs created under President Bush didn't merely pale in comparison to the 23 million produced during Bill Clinton's tenure. As the reliably Republican Wall Street Journal summed up its interactive table on the subject, "Bush on Jobs: The Worst Track Record on Record." In September 2009, the Congressional Joint Economic Committee charted Bush's job creation disaster, the worst since Hoover:


Sadly you're never going to see those stats anywhere on Fox "News".


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