John Stossel: No Group Has Been Helped More Than Native Americans

(h/t TPM)

You want proof we're living in Idiocracy? Look no further than Fox & Friends, which I swear kills braincells each and every time I'm masochistic enough to tune in.

Libertarian John Stossel does his best to contribute to the dumbing down of the populace with this little gem. Quick, name the group that has gotten more government handouts than anyone else: Millionaires? Financial institutions? Big Pharma? Big Oil? The Military Industrial Complex? Surely, you jest. No, no, no....according to John Stossel, the group that has gotten more government handouts than anyone are Native Americans with their deficit-busting Bureau of Indian Affairs:

Stossel was on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss some high-paying government jobs recently reported in The Daily Caller. The report found that the "Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs needs someone to run the Facebook page for the Dept. of the Interior and they'll pay up to $115,000 a year." Stossel took that as an opportunity to wonder about the entire concept of a Bureau of Indian Affairs.

"Why is there a Bureau of Indian Affairs?" he said. "There is no Bureau of Puerto Rican Affairs or Black Affairs or Irish Affairs. And no group in America has been more helped by the government than the American Indians, because we have the treaties, we stole their land. But 200 years later, no group does worse."

Established in 1824, Indian Affairs is the oldest bureau of the United States Department of the Interior. Among other responsibilities, the Bureau is charged with "maintaining the federal government-to-government relationship with the federally recognized Indian tribes," according to its website.

What a stunning ignorance of history, economics, the Constitution, Native Americans, tribal sovereignty and let's face it, reality. Maybe that hit Stossel took from that wrestler knocked sense out of him.

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