Mitt Romney Isn't Made Of Clear Plastic

The DNC has come out with a pretty effective ad about Mitt Romney that hopefully should start getting a lot of play. You know, for a guy who is charitably described as "plastic," transparency doesn't come easily.

I have to admit that I finally had an epiphany on Romney over the weekend when I first saw the ad. They call Romney a career politician and there was a part of my brain that said, "hold on, that's not really correct, is it? The only office he's held is Governor of Massachusetts and that was only for a single term."

But you know what? He really *is* a career politician...just not a very successful one. If you look at his C.V., he's been running for one office or another since 1994. That's nearly twenty years of campaigning and only one win. Not exactly a good bet, is he? And as wealthy as Romney is, twenty years of campaigning is going to put a pretty good size dent in one's wallet, so we know that there have been some pretty deep pockets helping him in his quixotic need for public office. But Romney doesn't want to share. Frankly, in the age of tea partiers and Occupyers alike decrying corruption in politics, I don't know how well that's going to fly with his potential voters.

But hey, maybe he'll change his position on that, just like he's changed on just about every other position as this video so aptly shows:


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