November 29, 1942 - On Top Of War, Horror.

News of the day, this day in history. Temporarily knocking the events of War off the front page was the story of the horrific fire at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston, killing almost 500 patrons, making one of the worst domestic fires in U.S. history. And the war went on.

June 17, 1942 - Bombers, Rommel And Rubber.

News of the day for June 17, 1942 - News reports from all the war fronts, with most news not that good. Australia downright grim over the prospects of getting out of the war in one piece. Rubber Drives going in full swing with millions of tons of used rubber showing up everywhere, but especially in Utah. FDR calls for total physical fitness for America and calls for closing red-light districts around army bases. That wasn't the physical fitness he had in mind.

March 30, 1942 - A War Going On.

News of the day for March 30, 1942 - War news on all fronts. The Raid on St. Nazaire, Russian advances, Fighting in Burma, U.S. Troops in Australia. News on proposed autonomy for India after the war. Martin Dies accuses committee chaired by VP Wallace of harboring Communists.

Clarence Thomas: Chicken Hawk

Loyalty: [In the Hamdan decision,] Justice Thomas refers to Justice Stevens' "unfamiliarity with the realities of warfare"; but Stevens ser