Zimmerman Attorney Claims Trayvon Martin Broke His Client's Nose, Denies Crime Racially Motivated

This Friday evening, CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke to the attorney for George Zimmerman, Craig Sonner, about the Trayvon Martin shooting, and I think this interview just raised more questions than it answered. We found out that Zimmerman's attorney is claiming his client is supposedly in the United States, but he couldn't say where, or that he'd met with him face to face.

CNN Continues To Embarrass Itself With The Hire Of Dana Loesch

CNN is already trying to look like Fox-lite on a regular basis and their hire of Dana Loesch just looks like one more step in that direction. I thought their hire of Erick Erickson was bad until they decided that we somehow need to hear on a regular

A Cry In The Night

A woman in Tripoli, Libya's capital, speaks with Anderson Cooper and issues a plea for help to the rest of the world.