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Bloggers Amanda Carpenter ( and Jane Hamsher ( discuss John McCain, his inability to control North Carolina Republicans

Mike's Blog Round Up

Good morning, scamps and scoundrels. I’m your round-up guest host for the week, Melissa McEwan, otherwise known as Shakespeare’s Sister (that’s


I'm joining in to the music discussion that started over the weekend. The music world has changed incredibly in a short period of time, (technolog

Compassionate Conservatives

Amanda resigned yesterday. Pandagon is going up and down right now... Check out the hate filled diatribes by the Bill Donohue clan...Try this one as

Mike's Blog Round Up

Bob Geiger: Frist blames Dems for "do-nothing congress," and gets his ass handed to him. After the mid-terms, expect to see a new GOP boss a

Attack Dog Politics

Attack Dog Politics Delay's boys are out to get Ronnie Earle with their new ad. Watch the video here. Amanda has more...