american idol

Did AT&T Skew 'Idol' Votes?

I have to admit, I was a little proud of the Late Nite Music Club being one of the only music blogs to have maintained an American Idol-free season, b

Glenn Beck's Got A Camera...

Dina Sansing from US Weekly was stunned into silence when Glenn Beck hinted that he'd like to take some "nude photos" of her during the

American Idol

American Idol I usually put up a clip from the show for fun, but after I saw the contestants try to sing Queen, (what a train wreck) I couldn't watch

Voicemail Is A Girl's Best Friend

Check out my newest for Jesus General : Dear Bill O'Reilly, I very much enjoyed your segment on the American Idol/Paula Abdul scandal I thought you

American Idol Hits Some High Notes

Carrie Underwood and Nikko Smith smoked on American Idol last night. I've found that the singers have been inconsistent this season, but Tuesday's s