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O'Reilly: Fluke Thinks She's Owed 'Lifestyle Help'

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Thursday said that Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke was wrong to want contraception to be covered by her health insurance, referring to the medication as "lifestyle help." In a statement on his website

Santorum: Contraception A 'Grievous Moral Wrong'

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says an amendment put forward by Senate Republicans that would have allowed any business to exclude contraceptives from health care plans was not really about birth control.

EJ Dionne's Sad Sack Routine

I was really surprised at this column by E.J. I was raised Catholic too, but I'm outraged at the Church's hostility towards contraception and I didn't think he bought into this narrative. And let's be honest E.J, many pro-lifers will not vote or