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The Left Coaster: The Real Tea Partiers, and some perspective ArmsControlWonk:: N. Korea: Deadly in a Snowball Fight Open Left: Voter intimidation t


I thought it was only the mean and nasty liberal bloggers that were uncivil. And yet another setback for the Bush/Cheney ticket: NY Times: If Presid

Bush Meets The British Media

A question from the UK press really caught Bush flat footed (cackles ensued) and made Tony Blair smile and say: "You had kind of forgotten what

Tony Blair, Faith Healer

Interesting career choice, Tony. Credibility might not be there, though. Tony Blair is preparing a mission to build bridges between the major world

Mike's Blog Roundup

Cause for Concern: Why would easy-going librarians be so shocked from a book that won the 2007 Newbury Medal? The author used the word "scrotum.&

Blair's Plane Overshoots Runway

I had a few C&Lers email this story to me with allusions to Paul Wellstone. Certainly, British Airways' statement hasn't helped. YahooNew

Blair Faces A Peerage Scandal

Is Tony Blair so much of a lap poodle that he's now adopted Bush's cronyism ways? Irish Examiner: British Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterda